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"When I discovered leatherwork, it opened a new dimension for creative potential. It was a worthy endeavor — worthy of my dedication, worthy of my heart. I combine colors, textures and materials to express my vision as I design projects for my clients. I am grateful that they appreciate my art and the work that goes into each handcrafted product."


Shevach Luxury Leather is a custom shop. Let us create a handcrafted custom item for you.Leather is one of the oldest and most beautiful materials used by man. Because it is natural and ever changing it appeals to our most basic senses, often evoking our favorite feelings and memories. At Shevach Luxury Leather we take pride in creating one-of-a-kind luxury leather goods.

Not only do our customers enjoy the touch, feel, and look of their new leather accessories, but the leather ages beautifully over time, developing a pleasing patina which offers customers the unique experience of owning a valued item.

We take the time to do things right. That means each handiwork is carefully created and impeccably finished. Each of our leather creations has a distinct, inherent character of its own, a quality unattainable in line produced products.

My team of master craftspeople love their work. From their hands come the most treasured objects — made by real people for real people. Our passion and dedication to the art of leatherwork ensures that we are forever pushing our own boundaries, striving to surpass our previous achievements to deliver superior goods to our valued customers.

Our reputation won us invitations to conduct hands-on workshops at the Betzalel Academy of Arts and Design, and we continue to host periodic workshops in our own studio for people from all over the world.

We Offer:
  • Off the Workbench Items: Though we are a custom shop, we do produce some items in limited quantities, as presented on this website. Many of these items can be personalized with a monogram, name, or company logo.
  • Custom Orders: The works you've seen on this site may give you ideas for a custom piece you would like to own or present as a gift. Please be in touch with us to discuss your project.
  • Commissioned Functional Art: A collaborative effort, we work with you to understand your interests, define the project and create a timeline for delivery. It is an honor to work on commissioned projects, and we are grateful for the opportunity to use our artistry to express your vision. Our ability to turn around custom projects quickly makes Shevach Luxury Leather even more distinctive, since few of the major labels accept commissioned orders.


  • Barak Obama, President of the United States of America
  • Laura Bush, former First Lady of the United States of America
  • Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel
  • Sarah Netanyahu, First Lady of Israel
  • His Majesty, Mohammed VI King of Morocco
  • His Majesty, King of Spain Juan Carlos I
  • Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
  • Pope Benedict XVI
  • Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani
  • The Library of Congress
  • The Knesset — Israeli Parliament

Shevach Luxury Leather is a custom shop.
Let us create a handcrafted item for you.
Contact us by email, phone, or Skype.