Shevache Luxury Leather

— Picture Frames and Photo Items —

These picture frames are covered with top-grain leather and Buffalo skin

Every great picture deserves a great frame

from $425

The Shevach Leather Photo Frame displays 5x7 inch (13x18 cm) photos with beauty and class.

Perfect for your home or office, it showcases favorite shots of family, friends, your kids and the puppy or corporate associates.

They can be ordered in most any color of Cowhide or Buffalo leather, while Ostrich covered frames come in a more limited pallete of cognac, mocha, royal blue and black.

Of course, all decorative hand tooling is done in 22k genuine gold.

The Shevach Photo Frame can be personalized on the front with a name, initials or a corporate logo.

And we can inscribe a few lines of text on the back to commemorate a special event.

Your pictures are easily inserted into the Shevach leather picture frame and held in place by an unbreakable polycarbonate sheet

Your pictures look great in a Shevach Photo Frame

Your favorite photos can be easily inserted into the Shevach leather picture frame.

They're held in place by an unbreakable polycarbonate sheet. Polycarbonate is completly transparent so your pictures look their best.

The Shevach Photo Wallet -- vintage nostalgia for today

Take a picture, then take it with you in the Shevach Photo Wallet

4x6 inch (10x15 cm)
Ostrich $325
Buffalo or Cowhide $225

Shevach Black notes:

"People like leather because it's not digital or techno-driven. There is a "select niche" who identify very much with a counter-tech, back-to-basics sensibility — if not in their composite lifestyle at least in their design preferences".

"Digital picture frames are so affordable, yet people ask me for simple things like my photo wallet".

"There's nothing like spreading a few photos on the table. You can pick them up and hold them, and take your time on each smile".