Shevache Luxury Leather

— Leather Chessboards and Backgammon Sets —

This chessboard is covered with luxury leather and Buffalo hide

When you play with class, winning is just a fringe benefit

from $1,850

It's a chessboard. And it is also a Work of Art.

Shevach Black has created a luxury leather chessboard that is not only the arena for competition — it is the trophy itself

The playing surface just feels right. The chessmen move effortlessly, but stay put. Each of the leather squares has been precision cut and secured in place. And when you run your hand across the playing surface, it is absolutely smooth to the touch.

The bevelled edge is also covered in leather and hand tooled with 22k genuine gold.

This is more than a gift. It will become an heirloom.

The Shevach Backgammon Table Board

The overall sensory experience is part of gameplay

from $8,300

Backgammon is not just a game. It can be a vehicle for conversation, relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Shevach Deluxe Backgammon Set comes complete with heavy gold-plated brass checkers. They slide effortlessly across the leather playing field, and make it a pleasure to play with class.

This competition sized backgammon board has been constructed with a bevelled platform edge — it sits several inches above the table surface, so every piece is within easy reach. And when the game is over, the board hangs on the wall to make a fascinating conversation piece.

The dice cups are covered in supple Buffalo leather and the checkers have inset areas with leather trim

Dice cups $325
Anodyzed aluminum $1,400
Gold plated brass $2,200

The Shevach Dice Cups are covered in the same supple Buffalo leather as the boards. The inside rim of each cup has just enough of a trip to give the dice a good spin when they hit the board.

The Shevach backgammon checkers are crafted from 22k gold-plated heavy brass or black anodyzed aluminum. Both the gold-plated brass and the anodyzed aluminum checkers have inset areas with leather trim.

The Shevach Backgammon set dice cups and checkers

The Shevach folding backgammon set is big enough for easy play, yet folds up conveniently for easy storage

The Shevach folding backgammon set is classy and convenient

This set $3,800
Gold plated brass checkers

The Shevach Folding Backgammon Set has recesses along the sides to hold the playing checkers.

As with the Shevach Deluxe Backgammon Set, the folding boards are also handcrafted from the finest quality buffalo leather. Each colored point is a separate piece of leather, precision cut and securely inlaid on the surface. It is completely smooth to the touch.

The luxury leather playing surface and the lively colors bring this vintage game new life

This set $1,800
Anodyzed aluminum checkers

The Shevach leather backgammon set can be customized with any color theme.

Choose the favorite colors of your loved one, and give them a leather 3rd Anniversary gift that will last a lifetime.

The Third Anniversary is the Leather Anniversary. A Shevach Backgammon Set will make it memorable... and fun.

With leather luxury and every color combination imaginable, backgammon has a new appeal

This set $1,800
Anodyzed aluminum checkers

Shevach Black notes:

"Though video games are fun, it's the vintage games like backgammon that endure the test of time".

"When you give a leather backgammon set to your loved one on your 3rd anniversary there is a subtle hidden meaning — Just as leather is soft yet enduring, so too our love and our marriage"

"As if to say: Let us spend many years together enduring the challenges that come our way".