Shevache Luxury Leather

— Videos of our Leather Creations —

Handmade luxury leather items are for work and for play

See one of Shevach Black's artisans create a luxury chessboard from supple Buffalo leather. It's a chessboard. And it is also a Work of Art.

The Shevach Luxury Leather Chessboard is not only the arena for competition — it is the trophy itself.

The playing field is made of precision cut pieces of softened Buffalo — when you run your hand across the playing surface, it is absolutely smooth to the touch. The chessmen move effortlessly.

Whether you acquire the Shevach Chessboard for yourself or give one as a gift, it will immediately become a family heirloom.

This video shows more examples of visual themes, styles and colors. As you watch, you will see each item has a number. Write down the numbers of the items that are appealing, and send the list to Shevach so you can discuss styles and colors for your project.